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Benefits to Vehicle/Equipment Operators and Agencies/Program Managers

Vehicle and equipment operators, regulators, voluntary emissions reduction program managers, and others can access the specific CDCH information they need on BAT regulations or voluntary emission reduction program requirements, retrofit technologies and products, summary data on current and past operating experience of others with retrofitted vehicles/equipment, emission reduction regulations, and much more.

Vehicle/Equipment Operators Can:

  • Quickly determine the BAT/emission reduction regulations or emission voluntary retrofit program requirements that apply to a specific project or area of operation, the emission reduction retrofit products available to achieve compliance, and compliance reports that need to be provided
  • Save time by submitting compliance reports through the simple, web-based input screens that eliminate the need for paper form submissions (if allowed by specific agencies or program managers)
  • Gain access to important tips and “lessons learned” to help vehicle/equipment fleets successfully implement diesel emission reduction projects without making costly mistakes
  • Receive relevant and credible technical background information and guidance that has been carefully distilled to assist your retrofit technology selection process
  • Learn about diesel engine pollutant emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, and opportunities for reducing them. Learn about fuel-saving opportunities, products and practices that can help reduce vehicle/equipment operating expenses

Government Agencies and Voluntary Emissions Reduction Program Managers Can:

  • Receive, review, confirm and query required reporting data through a simple, web-based format from vehicle/equipment operators
  • Evaluate compliance report data, and with assistance from Emissions Advantage, obtain improved estimates of vehicle/equipment inventories, emissions inventories, and expected emission reduction benefits resulting from the installation and use of specific retrofit products
  • Easily confirm that retrofit products selected by vehicle/equipment operators are compliant with mandatory or voluntary emission reduction program requirements
  • Acquire specific knowledge of available technologies and products, and summary data on their in-use experience that can assist with the development of effective policies for mandatory and voluntary emission reduction programs

Retrofit Product Suppliers and Installers Can:

  • Obtain information on mandatory and voluntary emission programs in the U.S. and internationally to support market development/planning functions
  • Use the CDCH to provide contact information of local supplier/installer contact data to potential purchasers of retrofit products
  • Continuously provide updated retrofit product data to a wide range of potential product buyers across the U.S. and internationally
  • Acquire in-use data on retrofit product installation, operating experience and maintenance issues/problems related to their products