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The CDCH℠* is a trusted, web-based tool that enables users to determine the best available emission reduction technology (BAT), including verified products (and other product options allowed by specific program requirements) for retrofitting diesel-powered vehicles and equipment. The CDCH can be used to support retrofit products, clean fuel options and clean fuel vehicle selections that satisfy BAT regulations, as well as voluntary emission reduction program requirements.

*Clean Diesel ClearingHouse and CDCH are Service Marks of Emissions Advantage, Inc.

Explore the ClearingHouse

Users without an account can take advantage of the ClearingHouse to:

  • Search for retrofit products for your vehicles and equipment.
  • Review information about mandatory and voluntary programs and technology options for your vehicles and equipment
  • Learn about and obtain guidance on the wide range of retrofit technologies that are available for diesel-powered vehicles and equipment
  • Find links to other helpful websites

Supported Vehicle & Equipment Applications

The CDCH can search for retrofit technologies that are available for a wide range of diesel-powered on-road and nonroad equipment, as listed below.

Currently supported vehicle and equipment applications include:

  • Medium-duty Trucks
  • Heavy-duty Trucks
  • School Buses
  • Transit Buses
  • Motor Coaches
  • Motor Homes
  • Construction Equipment
  • Cargo and Materials Handling Equipment
  • Public Works Equipment
  • Rail Locomotives
  • Airport Ground Support Equipment
  • Marine Vessels
  • Stationary Engines and Industrial Equipmen